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Calligraphy and Art

Calligraphy and art is an important part of Wu Gong.  Though to many it might be a stretch to see a connection, a common example is that a brush can be trained as a sword.  In the movie "Hero", one of the calligraphers (and also a wanted assassin by the emperor) "Broken Sword", was both an excellent calligrapher and swordsman.

This calligraphy was written by Song Dynasty Emperor Hui Zong, a well known calligrapher and Emperor.

Art can be colorful and it can be very simple with just paper and ink.  It shows a basic concept of Yin/yang relationship that one can see nature. 

This painting is in the style known as 山水shan shui ("Mountain Water").  This particular painting is by Gao Kegong during the Yuan Dyanasty.