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Tai Ji Quan

Many people interchange the use of Tai Chi and Tai Ji Quan or Tai Chi Ch’uan because it is popularly known as Tai Chi.  This often causes confusion. Tai Chi is actually the Yin/Yang Diagram. This symbolizes the two opposing forces of the universe.  It can be translated into “the Grand Ultimate”.

When most Americans hear the words “Tai Chi”, they think of the slow movements of the discipline of Tai Ji Quan or Tai Chi Ch’uan. The “quan” or “ch’uan’ means “using the tai chi (yin/yang) as a martial art” or Tai Chi Boxing. The difference between Tai Ji Quan and Tai Chi Ch’uan is the us of pin yin or wade/guiles Romanization of the Chinese mandarin pronunciation. Many people like to practice it as a dance without understanding or are even aware that each move have at least six martial art applications. This can be seen as just Tai Chi, a different way of practicing Qi Gong. However, to get the benefits that Tai Ji Quan offers, it is important to understand the Qi Gong and the martial art applications that are in the movements.  The person who does not read deeply into the philosophy, teachings of the ancient masters, and reflects on these in practice will practice what one master called, “Blind Tai Chi” with a chuckle: they are blind to the real wonders Tai Ji Quan.
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