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Wei Tuo Books


by Master Jonathan Snowiss

This book is for beginners to see what it means to live a life of a Qi Gong and Martial Arts.  It is informative and encouraging.

“Practice without the essence and you’ll have a lifetime of emptiness.”  This is a very deep and profound saying to encourage us to find the qi in our daily practice.  This book encourages and explains many of the wonderful benefits of qi gong, tai chi, kung fu and meditation. Climbing the Mountain discusses the life of practitioners and the benefits that practitioners receive from their practice.


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The Master's Gift

by Prof. Sharon Snowiss

This is about Grandmaster Si Tu, Jie's childhood training in Qi Gong, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu ect..  There is a discussion with Grandmaster Si Tu with his master, Grandmaster Ji Kwei and another chapter with Grandmaster Si Tu discussing Qi Gong with his students.  There is philosophy, science, Qi Gong training with the Beginning Wei Tuo Qi Gong Form called the 8 Minute Drill.


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