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Seniors Tai Chi

***Seniors Tai Chi will not be meeting from Tuesday 2/17 through Thursday 2/26. Classes will resume on Tuesday 3/3. I look forward to seeing you then.***

Seniors Tai Chi is an on going class, so there is no start or finish. Because of this, we can go at our own pace really focusing on the practice we want to learn. It is great for overall health, balance, relaxation (stress-reduction), and many more benefits. In this class we will learn about the applications of the movements of Tai Chi to better understand how to move with ease, balance, and purpose.

Many of the exercises of Tai Chi are so fundamental that it is a pity that we don't learn them when we were younger. Many of the young take balance, youthful health, and few years of stress for granted. These are all important things to practice.

Instructor: Master Jonathan Snowiss


If you are interested in attending this class please contact us and let us know.