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Qi Gong

We practice Southern Shaolin Wei Tuo Qi Gong. Qi Gong is the practice of direct focus on the flow of qi or life energy. It is designed to maintain and improve health both physically and mentally. It strengthens the body's immune system; helps regulate digestion and much more. It teaches us to be strong without strain, relaxed with ease, and even helps with martial arts! It is great for everyone of all ages. No matter a person's age, there will be some imbalances, and Qi Gong is the way back to balance!

Beginning Qi Gong: The 8 Minute Drill

Beginning Qi Gong is a great place to start in the practice of Qi Gong. We learn movements to control the breath and mind. It is the everyday practice that helps keep us healthy and feeling good.

Intermediate Qi Gong: Eagle Drill

The Eagle Drill is practiced to imitate an eagle flying, grasping and other movements to maximize the flow of qi in our bodies. The Eagle Drill is part of the Five Element Drills and is associated with metal.

Intermediate Qi Gong: Dragon Drill

This is considered the most graceful of all the Five Element Drill forms. It is practiced during the winter, corresponding to the Five Elements. It helps with many things including kidney and bladder to balance problems.

Intermediate Qi Gong: Crane Drill

The Crane Drill corresponds to the Wood Element, which is during spring. The crane is known for its balance and flexible long neck. It helps loosen the spine, flexibility, balance and is a relaxing exercise.

Intermediate Qi Gong: Tiger Drill

The Tiger Drill corresponds to the Fire Element. The movements focus on the spine twisting and some core balance. This is important to keep the spine supple and strong.

Advanced Qi Gong

Advanced work in Qi Gong consists of deeper understanding of movements, philosophy of the Ba Gua, Five Elements, I Ching, and discussions for everyone to learn from each other.