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About Philosophy

The road of Wu Gong is very long, an everyday evolving process. After learning the basics of Wu Gong and your health has started to improve, the philosophy will begin to become more evident with further progress. Therefore, many students want to continue to learn because it is so fascinating. You can learn many drills, but if you do not study the philosophy behind them, practicing will be less effective. It would be like a farmer plowing the fields, but not knowing how to take care of the land from which the crops grow.

The practice of Wu Gong gradually opens your mind, making everything you study easier to understand. The chaos of the universe will start to make sense however illogical it may seem. There is always more than what meets the eyes.

Wu Gong philosophy has a long history and a strong tradition. Movements are based on the interpretation of the philosophy of the Dao, Qi flow, yin/yang, and body mechanics. I feel that 90% of Wu Gong is philosophy and 10% movement. Learning the movements is only the first step. And because Wu Gong can be seen as studying life, studying the functions of everything in life completes the movements. Learning the movements without the philosophy that completes them leaves the movements empty, without the core. "Lian wu bu lian gong, dao lao yi chang kong." "Practicing Martial Arts without the essence, ‘til old age you will still be empty."