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Diets should be able to vary to each person’s personal needs. Therefore there are many different kinds of diet plans for people to find. One thing each person must have is a balanced diet. But what does that mean? It means that nutrition, of some form, is found in all foods. But not all nutrients are found in all foods. The body needs of a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, enzymes, protiens, fats and sugars. Sometimes our bodies are actually too weak to absorb the nutrients, so treatments are necessary to balance the body to bring it back to health.

Therefore illnesses are sometimes caused by a lack in one of the many things our body needs to perform well. With the help of acupuncture or acupressure, and a change of diet could be the saving force to your health.

There are some general guidelines to follow with your diet.

  1. Eat in season. If it is shipped from the other hemisphere, it is out of season. Therefore we do not need watermelons during winter, but we do need the extra water in the watermelon during summer. We do not need a lot of citrus foods during summer, but we need the extra vitamin c during winter.
  2. Eat until you are 80% full. Eat until you are satisfied. So do not gorge in buffets, eat what you need and stop. If you are eating because of emotional stresses, you probably should consider why you are having emotional problems and work on them. That might actually help one lose weight, not a fancy diet!
  3. Avoid cold and iced foods and drinks. Foods and drinks that are chilled hurt the digestion. Our bodies are 98.6°, when we put something down our throats that are cold, our bodies are shocked, and also have to warm the food up before digesting, so we actually warm up than cool down with cold drinks. Think of it like this; relax in a hot tub for a while then jump into the cold pool. Some people like to do this, but it is shocking and we want to keep our bodies balanced, therefore it is not good for our health.
  4. Stay away from fast food and junk food as best as you can. (If cannot be avoided, do not worry; worrying is not good for your health either.) It might be fast, but the quality of the food is really poor. And junk food is exactly that: junk, the stuff you throw away in the trash can. Why put it in your mouth?